The New Hypermac Car




Engine: 4 cylinder Nissan FJ20, 2240 cc, Bored and stroked using a Nismo crank and rods, Cosworth forged pistons, head ported and larger intake valves, special designed camshafts to give good low down torque and power from 3500 rpm to 8500 rpm as we race in one gear and most camshafts are not suitable, intake log manifold with 750cfm throttle, 4 x 1700cc Indy  and 4 x 650cc injectors, burning methanol,  Motec Pro 4 ECU, 4 coils and ignition

The Car is a Nissan 200SX,

 modules, single Turbonetics T4 size ball bearing turbo, godzilla blow off vavlve, 50mm Powermaster wastegate, 25-30lb boost, 650-700 hp - 580 ft lbs torque depending on which turbo we use.


More info on the car will go up at a later date including some Dyno reports


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Ray Stewart

Quick Pics